Permission to chill

I am slacking a bit in regards to posts. I have been a bit under the weather and Sierra has suddenly started sleeping poorly during the night which has left me quite exhausted. I am definitely in need of a boost and could do with some motivation, not only to write my blog but also to stop slacking where my CF treatment is concerned. I thought it would be a good opportunity to write in order to show the other side of myself, the side that is struggling to find motivation, and to perhaps flip the focus to let others know that it is in fact quite normal and reasonable to have days, weeks and even months where you aren’t getting much done, and that it is OK. It doesn’t mean you have failed in the slightest only that you need to give yourself some breathing space to re-energize and re focus. This is especially true when you have a chronic illness like Cystic Fibrosis, in fact it is a must.

After a particularly wakeful night trying to persuade Sierra to go back to sleep I have decided to have an epic duvet day. Just making that decision and allowing myself some chill time does wonders for my mood and really makes me enjoy my time rather than feeling guilty that I am not being more productive. Let’s be honest even a duvet day is a busy day when you have a baby. Sierra is currently in her cot babbling away to herself. Despite clearly being tired, she has decided that she would much prefer to talk and giggle to her teddies. I can’t help but smile and want to go in to her to squidge those chubby cheeks; even though I am also willing her to sleep. She really is my happy place and she keeps me motivated more than anything else ever has, to both stay well and also do the things I love.


I’d love to know how you keep yourself motivated and feeling good even when you haven’t got much steam?


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