Motivational Music Mondays

I’ve mentioned before that music is always a source of inspiration for me. Listening to it as well as singing. I always seem to have what feels like a million ideas pop in to my head when I am listening to music. It’s Monday afternoon and I have started the day off really well by getting up early, getting Sierra fed, dressed and ready for the day along with just about fitting in some of my CF treatments; it’s really not an easy feat. I’ve spent my morning singing a different kind of song ,in a different kind of environment; row row row your boat in the Tunbridge Wells library.

I definitely want to get Sierra in to music early and I am convinced that she prefers a good ole Coldplay song like ‘Yellow’ which is now playing in this quaint little coffee shop that I’m sitting  in at the moment; in comparison to ‘row row row your boat’, mary had a little lamb and friends. She’s got a good taste in music already, although I’m in no way saying the latter is bad taste but maybe not quite as advanced as her favourite indie music. However I might be making all of this up and she’ll end up thinking Coldplay, Keane and Snowpatrol are really last decade! 😅

‘Yellow’ by Coldplay is however definitely a favourite of mine and has a lot of personal meaning for me. It’s funny how inspiration can come from the most random places. Coldplay wrote the song Yellow about and from the inspiration of a phonebook! Yellow is a colour widely associated with Cystic Fibrosis and the CF Trust so I think it is a fitting song for it to give me inspiration for my CF focused blog. I’d love to sing a cover of the song ‘Yellow’, perhaps record it and dedicate the proceeds to the CF Trust. I wonder if Chris Martin sings duets for charity 😘 I’m a classical soprano mainly, so this song would be a huge challenge or me. I’ll have to give the song a try and get back to you on this one; I wouldn’t want to kill one of my favourite songs.

I’ll start drawing this post to a close by going back to my point about music being such a strong inspirational force. Music has the power to pull you out of any shadowy grey place or can easily introduce some extra sparkle to a dull day. My husband has written fiction since he was 15 and always comes up with his best ideas while listening to music as with my own writing. What is it about all forms of music and its ability to inspire generations. I’ve almost forgotten that I haven’t been feeling very well today; powerful stuff!

I think I will experiment starting with each monday, by choosing a song that I think will motivate and/or inspire me. I will just write what I call free flow writing and see where it takes me. Look out for my new ‘Motivational Music Mondays’ segment.

What music motivates you?

Why don’t you give it a try too, if you do, let me know how you get on in the comments or if you write a blog yourself and want to write about your own experience of this I’ll gladly reblog as I want to share everything that ends up having a positive impact.




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