Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

FB_IMG_1545918781862Sorry for not posting in a while. As you can imagine, I have been extremely busy with Christmas and all that goes with it. It is quite another experience with a nearly 6 month old; insanely busy and equally wonderful. We normally spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my parents, so this year packing up Sierra’s things was one big feat. You really would have assumed we were going away for a week with how jammed packed the car was; note to self, next time we are away for a night or two Sierra does not need half her wardrobe🙈

We had a lovely time sharing Sierra’s 1st xmas with our family, however when it came to opening presents she decided she would rather breastfeed and fell asleep promptly. She is our little boss and definitely calls the shots which we wouldn’t have any other way.

You will be happy to know I just about managed to remember all my meds and even better managed to do my treatment over the festive period! I am so impressed with myself, I really am. Hopefully this good pattern will stick. I do have a tiny confession to make in that the week before Christmas I managed for the first time ever to lose my nebulizer; don’t worry it is back and any missed treatment will be compensated for.

Lots of exciting things coming in the New Year and will definitely be another one to remember. Plenty of announcements to be made and plans that have remained secret will soon be shared with you all. Watch this space.

Happy Christmas and an awesome New Year to you all ❤



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